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Krauthammer has a philosophy of life-long learning at the very core of its culture. Krauthammer University (KU) is both the fountainhead and heart of our organisation. Here we create new knowledge, develop and implement new strategic directions, exchange best practices and provide our consultants and supporting staff with behavioural training and cognitive learning through exposure to industry leading outsiders.


Within Krauthammer the training and education of our consultants to perform our services is named formation (an heritage of our founder) and the people who deliver the formation formateurs. The core of the formation is knowledge of the modules, training, coaching and consulting skills, and attitude.

Javier Fernandez Montijano“During my first Krauthammer University attendance, I discovered hidden skills and abilities within myself and it felt like finding new “rooms in my old house”. I feel the same about the learning process, it’s like opening doors and suddenly a new and amazing “room” inside myself to develop has been opened.”
Javier Fernandez Montijano, Senior Consultant. With Krauthammer since 2004. Office: Barcelona.

Gary Chu“My first Krauthammer University in the summer of 2007 was my first “European” experience too. Getting to know new colleagues and formateurs, working long hours, being stretched to my limit and seeing my potentials.”
Gary Chu, Consultant. With Krauthammer since 2007. Office: Beijing.



Each consultant receives up to two to four weeks of intense training per year at Krauthammer University. Designed to bring out the best in our consultants, this period further enhances their consulting, training, coaching, leadership, sales, and negotiation skills.

Erik Hoekstra“The best memories reside from spending time with colleagues, challenging and coaching each other on deep personal issues. The energy in this company, on getting the best out of people, is really living performance.”
Erik Hoekstra, Managing Partner. With Krauthammer since 2001 Office: Noordwijk.



During KU external experts are invited to tell and teach us additional knowledge we need to perform our profession. For example Strategy Works teaches courses in strategy knowlegde, Pim Mulier supports the Health faculty and professors from European universities are invited to lecture about specific business trends and developments.

“The possibility to get wider information about global HR trends, as well as to enhance knowledge and qualification, hear best practices and to get familiar with Krauthammer University team, also to meet and to communicate with other colleagues involved in HR. Forum was well organized, beneficial and every talk, information and idea are of great value. Thank you for a great session.”
Mrs. Laura Baltakiene, Director Training & Development, Teva.

“Now I see what's behind the stage I am even more impressed than before. This was a highly interesting journey into Krauthammer's teaching and improvement processes and I really felt like a VIP all a long. Thanks and congratulations!”
Mr Sami Hamida , Head of Learning and Development, BNP Paribas.


Každý nový manažer velmi rychle zjistí, že v managementu je velmi těžké dělat „všechno“ správně. Letošní zpráva o manažerských postupech a přístupu zaměstnanců tzv. Krauthammer Observatory, to jen potvrzuje.


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