To grow a company is to grow the people in it.

With 40 years' experience in Human Capital Development, Krauthammer is an authority in releasing the potential of individuals, teams and organisations. Choose for a career with Krauthammer and you choose a partner recognised for outstanding quality, professionalism and focus on concrete results - keeping a sharp eye on ROI (Return On Investment).

Job Opportunities – Consultants

As a Krauthammer consultant, you will be able to translate the specific missions of organisations into high level consultancy, training and coaching solutions. You will build partnerships with your clients, encouraging the interactive drive between personal and corporate motivation.
In addition to providing a highly competitive remuneration package with all the benefits of an international company, we will invest a minimum of 4 weeks every year in your personal and professional development.

What is your background?

  • Are you interested in people and their personal development, in company processes and opportunities to improve them?
  • Are you a highly enterprising person, thinking in a quantitative and analytical way?
  • Do you have a broad view of organisational change?
  • Do you have at least 5 years of experience in a business environment?

If you can answer these questions with ‘yes’, info [at] krauthammer [dot] cz (subject: Job%20application) (send us your resume and curriculum vitae).




Každý nový manažer velmi rychle zjistí, že v managementu je velmi těžké dělat „všechno“ správně. Letošní zpráva o manažerských postupech a přístupu zaměstnanců tzv. Krauthammer Observatory, to jen potvrzuje.


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